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January 10, 2005

No more "freak dancing"

Principal on a power trip:

Fed up with students' racy moves, a principal at a California high school has taken the unusual step of canceling the rest of this year's school dances.

Principal Jim Bennett of Lemoore Union High School said he warned students at a winter formal dance last month to either quit dirty dancing or face the possibility of not dancing at all. ...

The ban on dances includes the school's Sadie Hawkins dance in February and the junior and senior proms in the spring, but Bennett said they could be rescheduled if students modify their behavior.
Sounds like something out of Footloose, doesn't it?

I wouldn’t disagree that "freak dancing", as the old-folks call it, is suggestive. But at the same time, it’s not really doing any harm. Stopping kids from grinding is not going to lead to a decrease in sexual activity; in fact, it may lead to an increase in such activity because they can’t act out their desires in such an innocuous way.

As an aside, even if he is right to ban the "freak dancing", is he really justified in banning an event as important as prom? Even though I didn’t go to prom myself, I understand the cultural significance of it for most high-schoolers; there is a reason they spend the whole year in preparation.


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