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November 28, 2004

A bright idea in the NFL

This Yahoo!Sports article doesn't contain too much in the way of interesting information; mostly it serves as a vague primer for the Dolphins and 49ers game this weekend, and the lack of obvious talent in next year's draft.

Of course, if you read through the whole thing then you'll see this note at the bottom:

Sunday in Minnesota, the NFL begins a four-game trial study on the possibility of seating fans on the field during games. While it's just a test, the aim is to delve into the viability of introducing high-priced "field side" seats, somewhat like the high-profile spots along the court in basketball games.
Seriously, folks. We are less than two weeks removed from the ugliest fan-player battle in the history of sports (not the first of its kind, mind you). Does the NFL think it's product will be immune to the type of idiocy currently surrounding basketball? I submit that football fans will likely be worse off, if their drunkenness is any indication (not that it's a bad thing).

Aside from that (and I say this as a great fan of the sport), football is focused on violence. Controlled, specifically-targeted violence, but violence none-the-less. With all the alcohol, testosterone, and phyisicallity involved, to put fans directly on the field is just asking for trouble.

And yes, I do understand that this is all about the dollar signs.


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