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December 14, 2004

Great Birthday Presents?

I don't enjoy making a big deal of it (which is why you didn't see a post here), but yesterday was my birthday. I got some incredibly cool gifts (like this, for example) and genuinely had a good time despite having to study for finals all weekend and not drinking.

But you know what one of the great presents of all time is? I didn't see it mentioned in the news (possibly because I was too busy studying for finals to pay attention to it), but one year ago yesterday Saddam Hussein was captured in his infamous 'spider hole.'

I'll be enjoying that one for many years to come.

On that note, I have another gift request for anyone that may be reading this: if you know how to make some great alcoholic drinks, I would love to know what they are/how to make them. Despite being young, I know surprisingly little about alcohol; typically I have just stuck with beer or simple vodka-juice mixes. Now that I am of legal age (excluding my probation), I would like to expand my tastes.


At December 16, 2004 at 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lindsey's Alcohol Choices:

"Bombsicle" - Skyy Blue Vodka with Lemonade. Don't tast much of the alcohol which makes it go down more smoothly hehe. Drink it from a water bottle. You get messed up faster. Tip: the darker the blue, the stronger it is.

The typical Vodka with jello (1 1/2 cups vodka per mix) - "Jello Shot". Make a bowl of it and eat it with a spoon. Swollow each bite whole if you do not want to taste the alcohol. Results...messed up even faster than a bombsicle.

A typical "Roofie". Vodka with Kool-Aid. Never had it though.

The easy "Captain-Coke" - Captain Morgan with coke. Regular coke tastes better than diet coke. You can taste the alcohol. Drink fast and try not to think about it hehe.

Smirnoff Twisted Vodka (Cranberry) 6pk - it's normally for girls but it's yummy.

The simple best way to drink, my opinion... Miller Light. Lots of it hehe.

Anyways, those are all the drinks I'm familiar with. You prolly already know of all them. But I wanted to post something on your site :) hehe. Enjoy!

At December 21, 2004 at 2:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have sought the counsel of the resident expert, me. I have a book of more than 600 you can take a look at. Carl


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