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October 15, 2004

Concert review; The "lesbian" fiasco

Went to the LostProphets show tonight down at the Quest Club. They were much, much better than the last time I saw them, which was when they opened Ozzfest at 11:00 AM a couple years ago. Back then there where maybe four people at the event actually knew who they were. In fact, I remember people asking me the name of the band even after they introduced themselves.

This time, however, things were much different. The floor and the balcony of the club were both packed, but somehow I managed to squeeze my way into the center of the floor. Definitely a smart move, as this was one of the more high-impact, energetic shows I have been to in a long, long time. Brutal and satisfying in every way. I love concerts.

Oh yeah: My Chemical Romance sucks.

After the show, there was a spontaneous trip south to Mystic Lake. Very tough night for this gambler; played nickel and quarter slots (I am very much looking forward to being 21, if only so I can go play poker. Slots get dull after awhile, and blackjack isn't really my game) with absolutely no success. Usually I can manage to break even or come out ahead, but this was a disaster from the start. I ended up losing $40 quite fast. Krystle was the same way. Allan spent $30 to win $33.

I still love gambling. I should gamble on football games more, given my solid picks record this year (50-24), which is currently good enough for first place in our pick'em group.

Final, unrelated note. For those who think Kerry won the debate, I have one question: How come the only thing we are talking about is the lesbian comment? Typically the loser of each debate gets assaulted on one or two of their large mistakes, but Bush is getting nearly a free pass from the same media of which he has been victim of mythically savage attacks. Hmm...

Glenn Reynolds has a massive recap of the quote and potential ramifications.


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