The Counterpoint

October 20, 2004

The real fear-mongerers

I didn't read much news tonight, because I was too wrapped up in watching the Red Sox obliterate the real Evil Empire. In addition, I have been backed up with homework for the past couple of days, meaning blogs and news have had to get put on the back-burner.

After the game ended I sat down to get caught up on things, and no more than ten minutes in I found this post by Beldar (maybe the most underrated blogger out there). It's odd how fast you can go from exhilaration to fury.

The Democrats have been assaulting George Bush and company through the entire campaign season, tagging him as a fear-mongering candidate. Of course, they are attacking the wrong man. Who is it that is always talking about how we're going to lose social security, that the children of the future are going to be paralyzed by the strain of our current budget deficit, prescription drugs are going to go skyrocket even higher than they are, and we are all going to lose our jobs to people in the U.A.E? Do those sound like Republican talking points to you?

The latest Democratic craze has been talking about some impending conscription return if we see another four years of President Bush. This in spite of the fact that (a) Bush has already categorically stated that there will not be a draft and (b) both major bills (One in the House, One in the Senate) pushing to reinstate the draft were authored by Democrats. (Go here and search for "reinstate draft" to read more on the bills.) Oh yeah -- the House version was defeated 402-2 (there has been no action on the Senate version).

Still, they continue with this draft nonsense. I just don't get it.

Anyway, go to Beldar's post and read some of the ridiculous, and by the way, inappropriate (satirical or not) things the Democrats are saying now.

Some people's kids.

Update: Not surprisingly, the folks at Powerline have weighed in on this.

October 18, 2004

Baseball questions

1. What kind of major leaguer doesn't know how to bunt? Apparently Johnny Damon. The game is still going right now (14th inning), but it could've been over in the 11th if Damon had mastered this simple task. Christian Guzman used to have this problem too. Amazing.

2. Who gave David Ortiz the steal sign? Was it somebody in the stands that Ortiz was looking at? I didn't even know Ortiz could run that far without breaking a sweat. Did you see the pathetic slide attempt? Granted that he was trying to get under the tag, but that was hideous.

October 17, 2004

A reading bet

The players: Krystle and I.

The terms: If I, a notoriously slow reader, can finish Plan of Attack (not including the prologue or epilogue) before Election Day (15 days as of this post), then Krystle, my girlfriend who reads only romance novels, will read a book out of my collection, of my choosing. If she can finish that book in an agreeable timeframe, then I will, in turn, read one of her romance novels.

Uh oh. Can I maybe just plunge a fork into my eyes instead?

Wish me luck.

Update: After some discussion, there has been an amendment to the bet. Since she is certain I will cheat and purposely not finish the book on time in order to avoid certain torture, we made the following agreement:

If I don't finish the book by Election Day, I automatically have to read the romance novel she selects. (Gulp.) If I can finish that book in an agreeable timeframe, then she will have to read one of my books.

What has Mark Dayton done this time?

Captain Ed has a thought on Minnesota's own Mark Dayton, and what he is doing to the reputation of Minnesota.

People that live in this state have known for awhile the embarrassment of Dayton representing us. My boss, whose husband worked for a woman who is connected in the Democratic Party and knows Dayton well, told me after hearing about Dayton's latest escapade that the women has, on several occasions, called Dayton "weird," or "not all there." Not a statement you want to hear made about a man representing you in the Senate.

We used to be a laughingstock for electing Jesse Ventura as governor, but we have much more to be embarrassed about with Dayton as our representation.

Update: This letter sent from Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to Bill Frist regarding Mark Dayton's now-vacant office space made me laugh. (Hat tip: Editors in Pajamas)