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October 17, 2004

What has Mark Dayton done this time?

Captain Ed has a thought on Minnesota's own Mark Dayton, and what he is doing to the reputation of Minnesota.

People that live in this state have known for awhile the embarrassment of Dayton representing us. My boss, whose husband worked for a woman who is connected in the Democratic Party and knows Dayton well, told me after hearing about Dayton's latest escapade that the women has, on several occasions, called Dayton "weird," or "not all there." Not a statement you want to hear made about a man representing you in the Senate.

We used to be a laughingstock for electing Jesse Ventura as governor, but we have much more to be embarrassed about with Dayton as our representation.

Update: This letter sent from Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions to Bill Frist regarding Mark Dayton's now-vacant office space made me laugh. (Hat tip: Editors in Pajamas)


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